Multichannel Campaigns Increase Reach, Branding Potential

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Marketers who make the most of consumer media habits stand to benefit

Changes in US media consumption habits have brands reevaluating their multichannel marketing programs. Marketers continue to combine channels with the purpose of achieving maximum reach, but as multiple digital devices become staples of US daily life, traditional media such as TV, print and radio are no longer the only channels offering marketers mass exposure.“The proliferation of digital devices and channels provides marketers more ways to reach an audience,” said Lauren Fisher, eMarketer writer/analyst and author of the new report, “Multichannel Marketing: Making the Most of Multiple Screens.” “But as media multitasking has become a common way for people to cram more media minutes into the day, multichannel marketers are finding reach alone is no longer as effective. To compete for consumers’ time and divided attention, brands must also find ways to better resonate with their audiences.”

July 2011 data from Yahoo! and advertising agency Razorfish revealed that while watching TV, 66% of US mobile device owners multitasked on their laptop or desktop PC on a daily basis. In addition, 49% used their web-enabled mobile phone daily when watching TV.


Meanwhile, marketers who look to extend the consumer viewing experience across screens benefit from greater incremental reach and exposure. For example, Nielsen found half of US consumers exposed to a TV ad featuring a sports sedan recalled viewing the advertisement.

But when consumers were exposed to the ad across multiple screens (their TV, computer, mobile phone and tablet), that percentage jumped to 74%, providing a 48% lift in ad recall.


“Building a successful multichannel marketing campaign requires the right mix of channels that offer brands the ability to reach and engage consumers,” said Fisher. “In the US, media penetration and consumer media habits offer insight into which digital channels should be combined with other mass media to drive distinct branding and direct-response objectives.”

The full report, “Multichannel Marketing: Making the Most of Multiple Screens,” also answers these key questions:

– How has consumer behavior made multichannel marketing a must?

– How are marketers using multichannel advertising to create a cohesive brand experience?

– How are brands integrating key ad channels to drive direct response?

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14 February 2012